age spots


Wrinkles, age spots and sun spots are credited to aging but it is due to sun damage as well. Freckles are also caused due to sun damage. Sun spots are also called age spots as well as liver spits. These resemble freckle in shape and are large gray, brown flat spots usually with irregular borders. These can vary in size from small pea to coin size.  Unlike freckles, age/sun spots do not fade or darken with the passing seasons. Sun spots tend to be common in faired-skinned people but also have been seen in those who have dark skin naturally or tan easily.  When these spots appear on older people, these liver/age spots have nothing to do with aging or liver. The appearance of these spots is part of the aging process. These spots tend to grow in size as excess melanin is produced due to excess exposure to sunlight. This is the reason age spots appear on the skin that is most exposed to sun like face, arms, hands and shoulders. Avoiding the sun and protecting the skin from it helps in prevention. Sun spots are harmless but people get them treated as it makes a person looking older. The age spots do not enhance into cancerous growth but some skin cancers resemble these spots therefore, it is better to get a physician’s guidance.

age spots

Treatment Options for Sun Damage and Age Spots

Medications and bleaching are the common treatments available for sun spots and freckles. Health Medica utilizes numerous effective and lasting therapies with efficient results to get rid of the sun damage. They have been specially designed to eliminate the undesirable freckles and age spots or any other small facial veins or deep wrinkles using laser resurfacing.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a process through which with the help of laser, most of the age spots, discoloration of skin due to age, wrinkles are entirely removed off the superficial skin layers and the skin gets better with passage of time with evident results.

Chemical Peels

The undesirable sun spots can be gotten rid of with using chemicals safely from superficial to medium depth. New skin takes the place of the damaged skin as it peels away with the help of chemicals. Several treatments are required to achieve results.


The process of microdermabrasion includes the sanding down the surface layer of the skin along with the spots. A fast moving head contains microcrystal which helps in the process. A new skin takes place of abraded skin.


This photorejuvenation therapy is also known as photofacial. Photofacial is performed with light technology that is known as Intense Pulsed Light IPL. The IPL technology uses the power of pulsed light in order to get phototherapy results.
IPL process is similar to that of laser but rather than having one wavelength of light, it produces a spectrum of light that is comprised of wavelengths. The sun damage can be removed by selecting an appropriate filter so that ideal wavelength range can be treated. These treatments are capable of treating the damaged skin and leaving the surrounding tissue intact and healthy.