laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done for removing unwanted or excess hair of the body.

Does laser hair removal work?

Yes, it does and furthermore, laser treatment is also done to cure many skin conditions. A specific beam of light is emitted towards a melanin in the hair or at the follicle growth center with the wavelength targeted at it. Melanin is actually the ingredient that gives our skin and hair its color. The laser beam is passed through the skin which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. Those people who have darker hair than their skin color are the ideal candidates for laser hair removal.  A number of laser treatments are available nowadays like face laser treatment, permanent laser treatment, ipl laser treatment. All of these are some of the best laser hair removal techniques that give effective results. The lasers target the dark colored coarse hair and leave the surrounding skin unharmed and undamaged. All of the skin types can be treated which include tanned, dark or light skin. The treatment works best when there is a big contrast between your skin color and hair.

laser hair removal

Areas Laser Hair Removal Treats?

Laser hair removal treatment is effective in removing hair not from the face only but other areas of the body as well. Laser hair removal is useful for removing unwanted hair from the legs, arms, under arms, bikini line and other areas.

What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal?

Just before the procedure, laser equipment will have to be adjusted according to the color, location and thickness of your hair that are to be treated along with your skin color. The hair that will be undergoing treatment will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface. You and the person who will be carrying out the laser hair removal procedure whether it is face laser treatment, permanent laser treatment or ipl laser treatment, both of your need to wear appropriate eye protection. It is essential that you protect the outer layers of the skin as laser is strong.  A cold gel shall be applied on the outer layers of the skin or a special cooling device shall be used. This allows the laser light to easily penetrate the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

TThe hair follicles that are treated with laser happen to have a growth cycle.  They go through three distinct phases that are called growth, regression and resting. The laser beams disable the active growth phase of the hair.  Other hairs have different active growth phases at different times therefore it is necessary to get additional treatments so all the hair follicles of the area can be disabled. Most of the areas seem to require 5-10 requirements for hair removal. A number of factors contribute to the final number of treatments you will need. These factors include the area treated, thickness of hair and the cycle of growth of the hair.  You would want to wait for some time to start the follow-up session until hair starts to grow.  This could take well up to 12 weeks. The areas that have been treated may appear swollen and bit red immediately after treatment.  You will begin to shed hair from the treated area after 5-7 days you have gotten your treatment. After some time, not only the hair growth will lessen but will be very light and fine in color.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

Yes laser hair removal is safe and nowadays you can benefit from one of the best laser hair removal available. Laser hair removal destroys the hair you want to remove effectively without damaging or harming the surrounding skin. The skin may seem bit swollen or red after the treatment but that subsides itself after a few hours. You can easily and safely have laser hair removal treatment. In the past days, only people that had light skin with dark hair could have laser hair removal safely. No, both the patients that have light skin and light colored hair and those with dark skin can get laser hair removal treatment..

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent? 

One thing you need to understand is that laser hair removal is the permanent reduction of hair but not permanent hair removal. It is not uncommon for people who require maintenance once a year even after the area has been fully treated with laser treatment. The laser that is used in laser hair removal treatment targets the current hair follicles destroying them. New follicles develop themselves due to shifts in weight and hormonal changes.

Will it hurt?

No it does not actually hurt but those getting a laser hair removal treatment will experience bit discomfort during the treatment but mostly tolerate it quite easily. Some of the best laser hair removal treatment centers provide you with topical numbing cream. Some utilize cooling machine which is called Zimmer cooler during the time of the treatment so that people feel more comfortable. Some of the best laser hair removal can take from minutes to hours even depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Can Laser Hair Removal prevent and remove ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are uncomfortable and can be a nuisance. Ingrown hair can occur when a strand does not completely erupt from the follicle and grows back under the skin on itself instead. Ingrown hair usually appears in the areas where the skin is waxed or shaved. But they can crop anywhere. With the help of laser hair removal treatment the chance of experiencing ingrown hair can be greatly reduced. When no hair is present in the hair follicle, chances are much less of an ingrown hair. Laser hair removal treatment kills the hair follicle so that it can longer play its part in the growth of the hair. The damage caused by the wayward follicle heals naturally after the session.